Meeting with the faith and light community of Saint Augustine

In France, there are about 300 faith and light communities. All communities are made up of people with disabilities, their parents and/or siblings and friends. "Faith and Light is based on the conviction that everyone with a disability is a person in their own right and that they have all the rights: the right to be loved, recognized and respected in their being and their choices. Faith and Light believes that every able-bodied or disabled person is loved by God and that Jesus lives in them. »

Most of the communities are connected with Catholic parishes, some with other Christian spiritualities. A group of 15 to 40 people (children, teenagers or adults with mental disabilities, their family and friends) who meet at least once a month for a meeting of friendship, sharing, prayer and celebration. Between meetings, members of the community forge personal bonds. Faith and Light is an ecumenical movement that brings together Christians of different faiths and wishes to answer Jesus' prayer: "Father, let them be one". In addition to the regular meetings, the communities have various activities according to the needs, the creativity of each other and the inspiration of God.

The faith & light community of Saint Augustine in Paris 13th, accompanied by Father deacon Jean Maurice, will visit us this Sunday, June 19 during the liturgy and then on the occasion of a joint meal in the garden. Everyone brings what they can (coordinate the meal with michel manago). Orthodox and Catholic brothers and sisters, we are a gift to each other. Let us live the gift of friendship and the God of Friendship will accompany us and unite us in his life.

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